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September S a l e

Diamond jewelry made with a positive spark

Eden Spark

Our Story

Our vision is to cultivate quality, sustainability and affordability without compromising our standards. As we could not find a diamond that met our standards, we created one.

Backed by four generations of diamond manufacturing experience, along with professional gemologists and designers from Belgium, New York, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and Dubai, we have created the diamond jewelry that sparkles like no other - The Eden Spark.

Your satisfaction is what drives us. We will work tirelessly with you to create the perfect piece of diamond jewelry just for you.

Our vision

The world is changing, and the diamond industry too. With today’s advanced technologies, diamonds no longer have to be mined – they can be made in a laboratory, and are 100% identical to natural diamonds.

Our Jewelry

Our Jewelry is made with passion by the leading designers and experts in the diamond industry who carry four generations of experience.

Our diamonds

We are proud to introduce top quality jewelry made with Lab grown diamonds, that set new standards in the diamonds industry regarding the quality that we offer.

Its all about you

At Eden Spark we acknowledge that special days deserve special attention. We are dedicated to getting to know each and every one of our customers so that we can provide them with the unique piece that sparkles on what makes you special.

Male Jewelry Maker
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